It’s a Thing: Lean

Lean, purp, slurp, purple lean is a drink made popular by lyricists and producers in the Hip Hop community. 

t has since filtered down into most genres and sub genres and even into your suburb. The kids in your tree, have more than likely spent a Friday night drinking lean. 

David Beyever is a pharmacist who is working closely with a Johannesburg police station to educate the youth and eradicate the use of this potentially fatal drink. Through a campaign called #LeanOnme they are spreading awareness through a multi channel war on this codeine fulled crisis. 

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But what is it? What hold does it have on the youth and how does it make you feel? Danny gets very candid in this podcast about her use of the popular drug and how it has affected here as she got older. If you have kids, you will want to listen to this:

Lean cup
Supplied | The Danny Painter show

The #LeanOnMe campaign aims to encourage the youth to have confidence in their talents and ask for help when they need it, as opposed to relying on external forces to fuel their creativity and numb their pain. Irrespective of the challenges they may be facing, the campaign wants to ensure that young people remember that there is always someone they can lean on for support.

 As part of the campaign, the youth and the community at large will be provided with facts about the dangers of lean consumption, symptoms of addiction, and be provided with information on how to get the necessary help needed to quit.

Substance abuse help line
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If you or a relative are struggling with addiction, please contact SANCA either telephonically on 011 892 38 29 or via WhatsApp on 076 535 1701.

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