About #LeanOnMe

#LeanOnMe is a project aimed at creating awareness and providing education about the dangers of excessive consumption of Lean by providing facts about this drug and its effects on the brain and body. The project is specifically designed for the youth and those who influence them – parents, celebrities, teachers and businesses. #LeanOnMe hopes to inspire the youth through meaningful activities and learning that will encourage critical thinking so that they can make informed decisions about this drug, drug use in general as well as their health. Consequently, they should choose to lean on themselves and their talents as opposed to depending on drugs to give them confidence and fuel their creativity. 


To conscientize the youth and the community at large about the dangers associated with the consumption of Lean. Ideally, they should embrace the idea of pursuing a talent in a sober state of mind.


Imagining a drug-free society wherein the youth will have confidence in their sober minds to create groundbreaking work within their respective talent-fields. Building a community that will fight for such a society, so much that all youth will be safe from the temptations of drugs.